About - SPCA: Kimberley


How it all began

The Kimberley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was established in 1902 and covers the Kimberley Magisterial District of 3598 square km.

Kimberley SPCA is the only operational SPCA left in the Northern Cape (which has one of the highest rates of unemployment) the other SPCA’s having had to close down due to lack of funds.

As a result of the economic situation and rapid expansion of impoverished communities and the escalation in the number of animals in these communities, our workload is increasing at an alarming rate.

Our Society is constantly being called upon to render assistance and investigate cruelty complains in surrounding areas such as Vaalhartz, Warrenton, Christiana, Barkly West, Jan Kempdorp, Koffiefontein and Petrusburg.

These trips are costly bearing in mind the price of fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles which frequently have to travel on gravel roads.

Although our National body does reimburse the fuel costs for the investigations which they authorise, other trips are done entirely at the expense of our Society.

Extracts taken from records are available at the Africana Library in Dutoitspan Road.

Although no SPCA records are available there is no doubt, judging from extracts taken from early newspapers, that the need for such an organisation was already felt as early as 1876.

According to information gained, numerous attempts were made to form an SPCA in Kimberley during that period but with no success. The reason for this  being no suitable person/s could be found who were prepared to undertake the task of Chairman and/or Secretary.

Although kennels must have been available during the aforementioned periods, according to information available the SPCA moved to Ronaldsvlei in the early fifties and operated from there.

In November 1972 De Beers offered land to the Kimberley SPCA –  5k from Kimberley on the Paardeberg Road. The first sod was turned by  Mrs Helen Hall, wife of Alex Hall, Director of De Beers. A tea party was held at the Kimberley Club after the official opening which took place on November 8 1975.

In the late 90’s the intake of animals and the workload increased – Kimberley SPCA needed to expand.

However, this was not possible as a result of the rezoning of the area so new ground and/or premises had to be sought.

Ironically just 22 years later in 1992 De beers informed the SPCA of the decision taken to donate the Dog Training Complex to the SPCA.

The move to the new complex took place on 12 June 1998, after having sold the old complex and being in a financial position to erect additional kennels, catteries and staff quarters for the kennel hands.